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Were you in SPECIAL ED?



No, I wasn't

No. I was not.

No, I was not in Special Ed.

No. I was in mostly honors classes.



No. They did not have special Education when I was a child.

The school Psychologist had written me off as being unteachable. So as long as I did not disturb the class I was allowed to sit at the back of the room and amuse myself . I was automatically passed from one grade to another. Not even reading at first grade level.

When I reached the 5th grade, a perceptive teacher thought the problem might be the method then in use to teach reading. It was a whole language system called "See and Say." That teacher had me stay after school and she changed to a phonetic system which, for me, was perfect. In one year, I passed the rest of my class. In fact the first book I read was not Dick and Jane, but the junior classics version of the Iliad. I followed that with a collection of "Tales from King Arthur's Court."

In later testing, I was found to have an IQ of about 140. Never trust the opinion of a school Psychologist.

This happened in the 1940s, but such mistakes are still made.

Yes, because I have autism. But I wish I didn't. I want to be normal. I'm tired of being autistic.