Science & Mathematics » Biology » Is there any feasible way to live forever? Do you think science will reach this point anytime in the future?

Is there any feasible way to live forever? Do you think science will reach this point anytime in the future?

if you could LOCK IN current age for skin and all organs, THEN MAYBE expanded life length would be better--but if you continue to age, what good would you be at much above 100 ???

Nope it'll never happen.

In certain ways, yes.

Eventually, all life on Earth will die, but there are some life forms that do not die from old age. A great many single celled organisms reproduce by merely dividing in two. While it is true that they can die, some that are living today have been alive for hundreds of millions of years and do not age.

Larger life forms can also have indefinite life spans. In Utah, USA there is a single quaking aspen called "Pando" that is at least 80,000 years old and may be over ten million years old.

Pando, is a massive male quaking aspen root system determined to be a single living organism by identical genetic markers. The plant sprouts shoots that we call aspen trees. The plant is estimated to weigh collectively 6,000,000 kg, making it the heaviest known single organism. By some definitions, the root system of Pando is among the oldest known living organisms.

There are some animals (some sponges and mollusks) that apparently have an indefinite lifespan. Those species appear not to age and are referred to as species with negligible senescence.

Using certain definitions, all life forms could be considered “immortal”. They reproduce and the offspring keep the cycle of life going.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

However it is true that the form of your life will change.

If scientists discovered how to do this do you actually expect to get it for free oh no if this ever gets developed only the rich are going to get it and then the rich are going to resell the technology to give you a few more years of life for your money and you will become even more of a slave to science as you work as hard as you can to buy another year of life

I have no idea why people want to live forever. I find the idea horrendous. Knowing life has an expiry date makes you focused.

Forever? Probably not. Indefinitely? Maybe.

That is, I can see science some day figuring out ways to prevent pr even reverse aging. I can see science figuring out ways to prevent or treat virtually every illness, and let people recover from injuries they can't recover from now. I can see science managing to create a world where the average person lives several centuries, and at no point really suffers from "old age".

But if you fall into a meat grinder, or get your head blown off... I really don't think science will be able to fix that. I think there are always going to be at least *some* injuries, illnesses, and just plain malfunctions that science will not, in fact, be able to treat.

It's impossible. Eventually, hundreds of billions of years from now the rate of expansion will overtake gravity and you will be ripped to shreds, trillions of years after that, expansion will overcome nuclear forces and the atoms that make you up will be ripped apart.

Thousands of years? Probably. Especially if we get to the point where we are "recording" your thoughts, your intellectual abilities, etc.

However, "forever" is a long time. A VERY long time. Do you think you'll be around when the Universe has expanded to the point where is a continually expanding set of microscopically small particles heading away from each other (i.e. extreme entropy)? I suppose we could be talking multi-verses or potentially humanity (or someone else) might figure out a way to reverse entropy, but by the physics we know now, no.