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What do you dislike most about Donald Trump?

Just about everything. He's a jerk, and he makes the United States look like a load of garbage.

I dislike the way that he is getting treated! He is doing a GREAT job unlike Obama and the news media needs to shut their mouths and let Trump do his job until January 20 2025 !!!!

Trump will never be my president he is an Erica arrogant asshole that doesn’t know **** about government. He’s just another billionaire prick that went bankrupt and the banks gave him money because they knew they could make money off his name alone. His daughter Ivanka has more business sense all trump wants to do is screw the little guy and make the rich richer

He is a crude, rude and socially unacceptable serial liar.

Nothing !! he's a little rough around the edges but he is doing exactly what he promised the people. Against tremendous opposition I might add.

He uses his hands too talk and his rudeness

He is a crude,rude....

His Narcissistic Personality Disorder & his extreme hedonism. From those everything else about him that is deplorable truly flows.

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That he has real power. As long as he was just some doofus pretending to be a businessman, he was relatively harmless.

I hate everything about Trump