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Why does the booming Trump economy make leftists so furious?

They dont. Ive put a veil on everything republican.

Because it makes them realize that they were/are wrong about Trump, hence also making them lose influence and power.

The only thing he's really done is give the rest of the millionaires tax breaks. By the way your economy is not booming, your GDP is the same if not less than 2016, in 2017 it was elevated by business tax cuts and spending within companies on inventory investment.

“Corporate and personal income tax cuts will have minimal impact on growth over the longer run,” said Gus Faucher, chief economist at PNC Financial in Pittsburgh. “In 2019 and beyond growth will settle in to its long-run average of 2 percent to 2.25 percent.”

It's only 'booming' for the trans national corporations and the 5% that make up the investing class. If there actually were 'leftists' I suppose they would be furious, but there is no such a critter. Anyone who isn't a suck-up for the corporations and very rich is called a leftist or a 'liberal'. For the 95% that make up the 'working class' those people are still falling into a massive economic hole. At best workers a just barely holding on...until the next recession...after that they'll get robbed again.

I have a hunch it is because it goes against their plans to bankrupt the economy and turn us all into their slaves. That is what it feels like atleast the way they act. More jobs and a better economy means we pay off our economic debt and have better more opportunist options available to us.

What i find rediculous is answers that say "What booming economy?". Answers like that make me ponder if people like that ever leave their homes to go to the grocery store? Or do people like this still live with their parents and have their parents buy them food instead?

It's worth it for the USA to be more socialist even if we will be in more debt. Even if the economy is booming there is still a big gap between the rich and the poor in America. The economy got better even when Obama went in office. Conservatives were still angry. Now just because a republican is doing it they are all happy. I can't believe we are considered the people who don't respect other people's opinions. (Liberals)

I'm not a leftist and I don't think the economy is really booming. Not for me at least. Perhaps I should ask-Booming for who? Just because the rich get richer doesn't mean the economy is booming for the rest of us. We're still at a very deep low in many other fronts. I think you're delusional. It's one thing to elect Trump because he says **** that verbally rapes SJWs. It's another thing to lie to yourself about it.
Trump isn't doing anything better than Obama. He just hurts liberals' feelings. He was never going to be a good president and you knew it. You didn't elect him because you thought he would actually fix any problems, you did it out of revenge of liberals calling you racist one too many times. It was petty revenge, nothing more, nothing less, very few people voted. The few that voted either voted reluctantly because they had but a choice of evils-or voted because they were evil.
It's about insanity. Look at how little people showed up to vote. People who voted for Trump reluctantly because they wanted lower taxes or to avoid war with Russia are one thing, nut jobs and jackasses who enthusiastically voted for Trump because they wanted to get revenge on liberals need to wake up and grow up. You had your fun. Apparently you really just want to rape people who are different from you because you're behind the times and not popular anymore. Teaching the SJWs a lesson was satisfying, but it didn't get us anywhere.

I've yet to see any sign of that.

Yeh, Right.

it's only booming for 1%ers
only trumptards can't see that

The midterms are coming up.

Every congressional Democrat voted against giving 80% of America a tax break.

Right now, the GDP is projected to rise to 4% by the end of the year. That's double Obama's average 1.6% for the past eight years. Average Americans vote with their wallets. The only ones who don't are those who don't produce or the extremely naive and highly idealistic millennial snowflakes.

The Democrats are in trouble and they realize this.