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What good came out of 8 years of Obama?


8 years of competent and proactive leadership. (currently being torn down by our current narcissist President.)

He was the biggest loser ever elected to any office.

Obama care:health insurance


I agree with of the above comments.... but the poor guy also had most of congress and all of the Republicans block almost everything else he tried to push through.

If you are gay then you would like the same sex marriage . And if you are a dreamer you like that you can live in the us without being afraid you will be kicked out. and the economy improved every year with many jobs.

the only good is that we don't ever have to have a black person attempting to be president again

we learned what a really bad president can be

the fact that we are not racist and voted a Nigggga in twice

He is solely responsible for the Trump phenomenon, and subsequent presidency.

Obama candidate of deep state and corporate U.S. Seems Obama forgot to reveal before the election, his associations with....
http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article45692.htm "Citigroup Chose Obama’s 2008 Cabinet, WikiLeaks Document Reveals"

Obama voted to usher in charge, sold out, and imitated Bush jr. War against 7 Muslim countries. Bailouts or socialism style guarantees for wealthy incompetents. Not cut throat capitalism, no that's just reserved for the masses who can't buy their way out, or threaten the system. If it's too big to fail, maybe it should be culled into competitive smaller bits.

Thanks to Obama now any Tom, Dick and Joe will be able to buy U.S. Military toys, as Trump has taken the next predictable step. To create employment in America, U.S. arms sales won't be scrutinized vigorously. A cynic would point out under Obama, even ISIS got its hand on those pretty toys, whilst the Nobel peace prize winner decided to update nuclear weapons to the tune of trillions, although his die hard supporters cite he upheld human rights.

Wander how long before blowback?

Not as if U.S. surveillance has been successful, not on 9/11, not in........ Oops ISIS fully armed, fully fledged strolls into Iraq and Syria and ...... no-one "sees" a thing.