Politics & Government » Politics » Dianne Feinstein Says She Was “Pressured” to Release Fusion GPS Transcript – Immediately Backtracks,,so why the 180?

Dianne Feinstein Says She Was “Pressured” to Release Fusion GPS Transcript – Immediately Backtracks,,so why the 180?

lol...because it's not panning out like you thought? lol

She did not "backtrack" she just mentioned on second thought she might have informed Grassley first, blaming a bad cold for her judgement. I think she had no intention of consulting Grassley and was only being gracious.

I find it hilarious that you jump on this and twist it into something that it's not. The truth is not panning out for you, is it?

Note to Anonymous: how can the release of information be obstruction of justice? Twisting it into something it's not because the truth is not panning out for you?

Cos the plan was never for Trump to win the presidency.
It was to pave the way for corporate clone Clinton into crowning her uno 1.

Perhaps Fusion GPS should have assessed what if corporate clone Clinton was loathed, to the point of being rejected by those who suffered as a consequence of having voted for change only to experience more of Bush Jr.

The coup d'état .......

The pressure was created by her Republican colleagues going on right wing media and misleading the public about the entire investigation. As for backtracking, she apologized for not advising the committee chair in advance. That's not backtracking; it's manners. Now can we deal with the obvious truth these transcripts reveal? There was enough evidence of collusion to make a seasoned intelligence operative to call the FBI about a crime in progress, and it was their second report from concerned people.

I have decided I really LIKE Hillary Clinton. DAMN IT! I must be coming down with a frigging cold!

Funny how we can;t even agree on what the transcripts state. Only grasp onto the parts that back up what we already believed.
She wasn't suppose to release it, it was done only to slant public opinion, this investigation has been surprisingly good about keeping the leaks in check. Guess she thought the public needed something more to keep this in the lime light.

She did not

Translation: "I'm a Marxist-Democrat, so I have a license to lie."

She should be elected OUT OF OFFICE... she is getting to old and to out of touch with real people... I just wonder... How many of the new 846 laws in California does she even know about... and she is a elected LAW MAKER... She should retire and let some new younger blood take over..


What she did has NOTHING to do with obstruction of justice and the man whose transcript it was said he wanted it released.

Really? I thought she was blaming her poor decision making (i.e., flagrant obstruction of justice) on a cold.

Dianne Feinstein Says A ‘Bad Cold’ May Have ‘Slowed Down’ Her Mental Faculties