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Has anything good come out of the Trump presidency?

He's made Republicans look stupid, not that this is hard.

Jobs, made peace with the majority of other countries, he cleaned up ISIS and is currently dismanting their private fundings, better tax reforms so more people can get hired, made taxes cheaper so now people get more in their tax returns at the even level of 35% which is the best percentage in the US where everyone wins and gets paid more for their work services, he made it so businesses don't leave for China which if they did our current economy would of gone down as our economic debt would of go up, so he prevented that from happening while at the same time encouraged them on their own accord for them to hire more people off the streets who need to make a living and feed their families, and he made it so at the end of every year that our economic debt will go down espenancially. He also fired alot of lobbiest who were screwing the country over covertly through scams.

Look at the economy stupid.

None that I can think of, off hand.

No. Not at all. The Master from Doctor Who would have been a better president

No. Hardly anybody likes him except for his racist low I.Q. supporters because he is just like them.
The deplorables as Hillary Clinton called them. She never should have apologized because she was right.

He ended TPP. That's it.

To be honest nothing... He has actually not done anything significant nor accomplished any milestones. He’s a scum and is making America worse again!!! **** Trump and all his supporters lmfao..

No! He deserves a lethal injection.

yes, we all know now not to re-elect him.