Arts & Humanities » History » WAS OBAMA A GREAT PRESIDENT in your view?


No way! He is why Trump could win.

Obama was the WORST President EVER.


Obama saved this country from the greatest financial disaster ever. Bush purposefully did not count the cost of fighting 2 wars for 8 years into the federal budget. 750,000 jobs lost per month for a solid year, 12% unemployment rate and the Dow at below 6,000. He set this idiot Trump up nicely but no one gives him credit but history will!

Yes. He was the BEST PRESIDENT EVER. **** all the haters. So what if he lowered the national debt, so what if committed many crimes in office, so what if he was divisive, and so what if his wife has a dick. You guys are just jealous because Barry Obama is black and your not. Get out of here you racists!

Good. Decent. Not great. Certainly nowhere near as bad as some apparently deranged people seem to think. Now you have the Orange Fraud, who is so spectacularly incompetent that he makes even Bush George II seem great. I pity your country, but pity the rest of the world far more. We had no part in letting that buffoon reach his current station, but must also suffer the consequences of this new King Midas in Reverse. Everything he sets a finger on turns instantly to dung.

He was the worse.

He was 100% better than I expected and he tackled the health care issues without changing everything. It was gradual. Under his watch, bin Laden got wiped out. He was good.

No, he was mediocre at best.

Far better than the buffoon we have now.

No but he was a great disaster.