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Why do people start smoking?

I'm pretty sure almost everyone knows the dangers of smoking, so why do people start?

I think it's because people want to be "cool" or a "rebel." ...To be accepted by peers. Plus there's the aspect of it feeling good, even though it's literally killing you.

I suppose it often depends on the environment you grow up in. If your parents smoke and you grow up in a neighbourhood or country where people smoke a lot you'll find that young people take it up as well and often at an early age. Then there is peer pressure at schools and college.many kids want to appear grown up or even rebel against their parents and do it despite the upbringing from home.
I agree wit you about the dangers . Personally I hate the smell of it and the rubbish it leaves behind when people flick the end bits off.
In some countries they haVe cracked down on it and peopleare not allowed to smoke in public places anymore.
I was shocked when we were traveling through Europe how people are still allowed to even smoke in a restaurant.
Hopefully they are also going to change the law one day.

Either to feel cool or because of curiosity. Or to experiment...

Stress, to look cool, and to just try it out i guess

I don't think all that many do start today. When I was a boy in the 1950s just about everyone smoked it was just commonplace.I came from a non'smoking family and never started. I suppose they start because they see it as cool.

Because it is an Adult thing to do

"Well if it's that bad for you but so many people do it anyway, it must be a great feeling"

"all sexually active people do, so it will help me get laid"

"I don't want to be one of those goody-two-shoes kids"

"is there a way to do cannabis without tobacco?"

"I'm way too tough to get addicted"