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T or F: All girls Love us men who are Bad Boys & Huge Players?

Girls LOVE guys who are bad boys, players, Handsome faces & muscles & do criminal activity. They Do Not like guys who are nerds, get good grades and shy.

I like a bit of both. Good looking, muscles, shy, intelligent

False. Girls fall I love and bad boys and huge players break our hearts.

Certain women do. But if you're a true playa you wouldn't be announcing it! 😄

Well, I guess as one of the guys that falls in the "bad boy" category, I should give my perspective. Well to put it simply, yes, women go for us most of the time. Even if they say they won't go for us, if we start flirting with them they will give us attention before the typical "nice guy." From my experience women go for us because of "bad boy" vibe. Which would be the confidence that we approach with. If you are confident women will find you more attractive. You don't need to be handsome. But I would suggest lifting weights, the confidence increase guys typically get from being more muscular can help. Another thing is building muscle increases testosterone, which will increase aggression/assertiveness and sex drive which is part of it. Personally, I love Star Wars, I'm a psych major, and, yes, I may be aggressive/assertive, but not criminal. As long as you've got the confidence and work on your apperence a bit you can like geeky things, be nice, and smart, and you'll still do fine.

I do bad things like get drunk and get in fights but no girl wants me lol.


It turns me on idk what else to say

No. I don't like guys that are "bad" . They have a spirit of rebellion. I'm looking for a guy that loves and follows Jesus Christ as much as i do. And one that respects people and his family.

False, in my perspective. Well I’m a teenager so here’s my persepctive. I like nice guys, who tend to be more on the nerdy side. Guys who value education and not unproductive things u know. Although i also like gamers and geeks but still. Personally, i like guys who are nice and nerds and who don’t have that much experiences in girls lol idk why :(( i cannot stand a “bad boy” lol


MOST women in this society like that kind of man that's true, but those same women usually turn out to become single moms and no respectable guy wants them after that.

If you feel girls aren't going for you and are going for those types of guys, don't worry because women hold very little importance (Sorry but it's true) Most women even show this presenting themselves the way they do. They act as if the only thing they have to offer is what's in between their legs.... Focus on getting good grades & maybe take up a sport in school or getting involved in something outside of school you can have a positive benefit from.