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Why do atheists put up Christmas trees?

i mean if your atheist then Christmas doesn't exist for you. why the hell are u putting u Christmas trees? freekin dirty atheists.

Because I enjoy the evergreens during the winter season....and the evergreens, berries, holly, snow, etc belong to everybody. Just like the way the pagans celebrated with them long before Christians and the holiday of Christmas came to visit western Europe.

And because I'm a damn dirty atheistic hypocrite who spends my entire life trying to personally upset YOU and you alone.

I think someone said that in the Bible, you shouldn't decorate a tree. So it's not religious

Christmas isn't about Christianity anymore. Everyone just celebrates for fun. Cuz it's fun putting colorful lights on a good-smelling pine tree and exchanging gifts. ur very mean

Same reason they pray in foxholes.

Maybe because they like looking at the ornaments and lights just like everybody else does, but don't have to believe in the initial holiday itself.

they do think that santa will bring something for the stocking..

Because they like to. Why is your writing so kindergarten-level, OP? I ve met thousands of Xians who are filthy and smell awful, but never a "dirty" atheist.

To give our cats something new to climb.

They smell nice.

Colored lights should delight most people.

Christmas/Santa/tree/gifts have nothing to do with religion. Actually, an athiest would be MORE likely to be involved with those material things.

Christians celebrate the Christ mass.

What about you?

They don't care.