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Delivery of beer?

I have a plan to deliver beer for my pizza shop (This is delivery base restaurant), I want to know which type of licence I need for doing that?

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Are you kidding? If you had a pizza shop you would know the answer to your question also. You don't have a pizza shop.

You own a pizza shop, and you don't know how to find out what type of license you need to sell/deliver beer? Lol. Sorry; I'm not buying.

Home delivery of alcohol?

I'm pretty sure that's either very illegal or simply not worth the effort and money it takes. You would go to the people who make the liquor laws in your area and ask if not make the effort to roll through the books yourself.

Shouldn't you be able to determine that on your own ?

the type of license would depend on where you live.
Contact the city you live in for accurate information.

Ask the people who gave you the licence to deliver pizza,

Pizza shops are not permitted to deliver beer. It would make it too easy for kids to get hold of beer.