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What do you think of mike Hughes and his home made rocket?

I think if he makes his flight it will settle the flat earth question once and for all

He got his name in the paper, which was his goal. And that is the end of that. I predicted from the beginning that something would come up to delay it, and there will be another, and another, and another...

"the flat earth question" was settled decades ago.

People knew that the Earth is spherical for over 2,200 years. The entire art and science of navigation on the high seas depends in its entirety on the fact that the Earth is a spheroid.

A flight to the altitude of 1,800 meters isn't going to prove anything. For much, much less than $20,000 he spent on his idiocy he could have bought a plane ticket and would have seen the curvature of the Earth for himself. But there is a bright side to all this. If he goes SPLAT after hitting the ground at 500 miles per hour the average IQ of the world's population will increase by a small but measurable amount.

working hard for a Darwin Award, like so many nutcases

Yes for his home for sure.

I'm convinced that he knows the Earth is spherical, and he's playing the Flat Earth Society who are giving him money so he can enjoy his hobby. Wish I'd thought of it.

I don't think of it.

His Great Uncle Howard would be ashamed of him.


Not a lot.

He "converted" to flat earth to get them to fund his stunt. They guy is a stunt man. That's it. He would have only went up 1800 feet anyway and would have not got anywhere near high enough to see the curve of the earth. He's not really a flat earther. He faked it and that's probably why his launch got cancelled.

So far one launch was canceled. The fool may just settle the question once and for that he is a Darwin Award Winner.