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Was this dumb parenting?

my husband and I have 3 kids together ages 12,14 and 6 with another on the way. My husband has the older kids so shores the youngest gets off easy cause she's our only daughter and she's still a baby (at least in his eyes) but she's too young. Anyways my husband had the boys cut the grass and he called them wet backs. Mind you he's Mexican (although a pale one) so because our boys are dark skinned compared to their dad it can look wrong to someone just passing by. He of course says it jokingly but is it neglectful? I'm Asian so if I wanted to call them chinks I guess I could but I'm not that parent. And we had the first 2 in our early 20's so I don't know but is it wrong of him to call them that?

Congratulations you've married an idiot who is abusive to his kids!

Unless he's refusing them food and water, how could that be neglectful? It's a bit un-PC, but hardly the end of the world.

Not sure I understand completely.

I don't see it as wrong. Just sounds like some joking between a father, and his sons. If they genuinely feel bad about it, and talked to him, and he won't stop, then it's a little different. If that is the worst thing your kids get called, and it's as a joke anyway, then you shouldn't worry. But you should assume that much worse will happen, and they need a spine for life.