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Do you think christmas music is annoying?


I like it

Not really. I love some of them, but some songs I can't stand hearing.

Yes especially when they start playing it at the beginning of november.

Depends on what it is . I like parodies .

I get annoyed with Christmas period. It seems like a kid's thing based on how people act...

No, its music to be cheerful. Sorry we don't want to be communists, we actually want to live in a happy country. This is totally a liberal question.

YESSSSS i work in retail all day long all the same songs come on repeatedly bah humbug

Yes because it's OVERPLAYED

My local radio stations play that crap from November right up until New Year's Day for **** sake, and they play it NON-STOP too, which makes it worse. I mean I wouldn't mind it if they put a regular song in between the Christmas stuff, but it's 24 hours a day non-stop ******* Christmas music aside from when they break for the news or a commercial and even 99 percent of the commercials are ******* companies wanting your $ at Christmas by having Christmas "specials" and "sales"