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Whats the answer to my equation y = -2x – 1?

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negative squared

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you have two unknowns and one equation, so it cannot be solved.

The answer is the graph is a straight line and the x,y coordinates of each point on that line are a solution of your equation. Since the line has infinitely many points, your equation has infinitely many solutions.
Some solutions, for example, are x=1, y=-3; x=10, y=-21; x=0, y=-1

Put x = 0 in the equation

y = -2(0) - 1

y = - 1

y-intercept = (0, -1)

An equation of the form y = mx + b, which is what you have, is called "the equation of a line in slope-intercept form." The slope is m, and the y-intercept is b.
So the answer to your question is, y-intercept = -1.

The y-intercept is the point on the line where the x-coordinate is 0. So it s easy to see that y = -2(0) - 1 = -1 is the y-intercept.

What you have is a function. It will not have any solution. You get a solution only when you convert into a equation. Say you want to know the value of y when x=2, then it becomes a equation. You will get a unique solution. Otherwise, you do not have any solution.