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Did you see the reporter on ITV showing how bad Zimbabwe is, and his evidence of infrastructure collapse?

It was a pot-hole, apparently they have a lot of them there.

Are we sending enough foreign aid to allow them to fix pot-holes? Or are we neglecting the tragic problem of UK pot-holes, some areas, such as Blackburn Lancashire, have been known to suffer large outbreaks of pot-holes.

Please help

Hi so you need to listen to sergeant peppers lonely hearts club band the beatles circa 1968

Mugabe's supporters preferred living like that so long as they could be discriminatory to white Zimbabweans.

I read the news today - Oh boy! Four THOUSAND holes in Blackburn, Lancashire! And though the holes WERE rather small, they had to count them all! Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall!
And if THAT ain't infrastructure collapse, I'm John Lennon!

Yes, true

My third Cousins were Born in Zimbabwe when they lived there their parents had 100 men and some Women on the Payroll houses for Married workers and Trucks the workers could use and all could be Housed for Free

they only needed to feed themselves and it was only a 6 day week and shifts for milking on sundays
it was a great Life for all today all the workers are dead the Property does not have a single standing Building and nothing Grows even the water supply has stopped as had Harari where the Capital city had to Buy water for Housholds because mugaby stole the Money for the water supply

Until the late 1980s, Zimbabwe had a functioning water system, with access to potable water for 85 percent of the population. In Harare, remnants of this system are visible in a complex piped water and sewage system to which many residents are connected. The piped infrastructure has not been maintained, however. The result of deterioration of the system combined with a significant increase in the population is that the water now runs only sporadically and is often contaminated.

Recently where I live in England , a four story block of flats , disappeared down a pothole.

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