News & Events » Current Events » Is it time brexiters wised up, before UK joined EU it could of traded with the world and reaped the fantasy oyster, why now not then?

Is it time brexiters wised up, before UK joined EU it could of traded with the world and reaped the fantasy oyster, why now not then?

I think I understand, despite the rather odd English (what IS your first language?). The situation before 1972 was very different from today, not least because the Commonwealth was largely a free trade area, and Britain was a member of the other European trading group which has now morphed into the European Economic Area. Today, thanks to Tory bigotry and gross incompetence, Britain has no particularly significant friends, but plenty of asset-stripping enemies (and this includes the United States.)

Yes, it's certainly time the idiots and madmen of the brexit camp 'wised up,' or, far better, time they were removed from all power.

I've never tried oyster. What's it taste like?

They don't seem to be the ones lacking wisdom.

I remeber 1970 pre EEC when we Purchased Meat and Dairy from AU and NZ we had Roast Dinners on sunday

today My sister in london cannot afford Sausages and cant afford Beef sausages if she could Find a Butcher that sold them

Now, I am neither for or against Brexit, but there’s too much of this in the news headlines and it’s BORING.

Before we joint the EU we had a free trade area of our own making, the British Empire.
In our Empire we restricted the trade of other countries, France, Germany, the Benelux countries, Scandinavia, the USA and many more by imposing heavy customs duties and tariffs.

This was good for the UK, as it gave us a market having the same dimensions as that of the EU today, but with out any competition from others outside the Empire.
At the same time it gave us a 10% trade balance in our favour.

However, this meant at the same time that the counties of the British Empire couldn't trade with the rest of the non Empire world, without meeting trade barriers and customs duties,that made their products non competitive. They were trapped within the Empire.

At the same time as the UK's prosperity was guaranteed by our British Empire markets, the countries of the Empire were also seeking independence of the UK and our Empire,thus causing our markets to destabilise. We tried to counter this dismantling of our Empire by starting the British Commonwealth.

As our Empire crumbled, our trade with our former Empire also crumbled and the British Commonwealth didn't live up to our trading expectation, as we were now having to compete with the EU and the USA in markets that were traditionally ours.
Thus causing our trade surplus to go through the floor in the 70's and leaving us with nothing but debt.
However, in spite of our membership of the EU and all the opportunity that this totally tree market offers, we have never recovered. We, unlike our Empire members, are not trapped within the EU,we can trade as we like.

Brexit is driven by conservative nationalism and totally irrational thought, in-fact it's not even driven by irrational thought, but by the irrational feeling, that we are able to turn back the clock to yesteryear. We will never get a trade agreement anywhere in the world, like the agreement that we have in our membership of the EU.