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Could you care less that Charles Manson died?

I cared less when Myra Hyndley died, but I still don't care much about C. Manson.

he was mental- but I like to know if his followers also fit that description - also what made him think the murder of sharon Tate would start a race war ?

No, I could not care less!

I didn't even know he died until right this moment.

He was God. Man - Son. Charlie was so beautiful and he is here with us now, I can see his face in every blade of grass.

Actually, I am kidding. Couldn't give a damn

no, garbage is garbage

Lol life goes on


No. I say hurry up hear up that oven good and hot and throw him in it already. Burn Charles Manson to a smoldering crisp.

It is too bad he did not die before he hurt all those people

No, because I do not care at all.

People should care, there's a lot to learn from that particular episode