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Is the whole thing about North Korea terrorizing America fake?

It's not fake. But the threat to you personally is grossly magnified because if it wasn't you wouldn't care. You encourage the media (and consequently, Washington) to exaggerate the threat. This is simply a problem that has been festering for generations. We finally have a President determined to change that.

That said, in time North Korea will be a major threat to the United States. They believe they need to protect themselves from US colonialism by striking the US. But this will only happen when they have many nuclear missiles capable of reaching major US cities. It's not clear Kim Jong Un and his generals actually believe that the US is an imminent threat to NK or if this is just internal propaganda. The problem with creating a common enemy to unify your people is that when you hear a lie long enough, you find reasons to believe it.

Could well be. Trump needs to keep his popularity going and there is no better way that beating his own chest

I'd suggest it's far from fake BUT it's being fed by the American President reacting to what the N.Korean leader is doing - winding him up and I believe, testing him. It might have appeared that Obama did nothing, but there are occasions when 'doing nothing' is way better than resorting to Twitter like an overgrown school kid.

N Korea is deluded and Still blames the Americans for invading it and starting the Korean War.
Grandpa Kim got permission from Stalin to invade S Korea to unite both countries, and Stalin's might would back him up. Didn't work out, so Kim blamed the US for effectively beating him. And then rewrote history.

Korea has nuclear weapons and a means of delivery. There is no way they are going to use them, they know they would have about 15 minutes to live if they do and they are not that stupid.

No, They love their nuclear weapons but nobody wins at this game.

I dunno; they say most of the country is malnourished and has been using human poo for fertilizer, resulting in a lot of parasites. They may be doing themselves in, without help from anyone.

trump is playing up tensions with NK to distract the public from muellers investigation . the more bad news for trump from Mueller , the worse it will get . after the recent indictments and arrests of trumps team , trump declared NK a state sponsor of terrorism . trump is risking a nuclear war because he colluded with Russia . Donny is insane and must be removed .

America will be destroyed not by NK, but God will destroy their country on the day of Judgement.

Trump is making the situation worse with his ranting.