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Is the sentence below grammatically correct?

With cold weather, I have become very lazy.

No, your sentence is not grammatically correct, because it begins with an unrelated participle, which is not liked by some grammar experts. Your sentence should be written like this:
I have become very lazy, now that the cold weather is here.

It's barely good enough. This is better.

With cold weather's arrival, I have become very lazy.


I have become very lazy since cold weather arrived.

Should be became not become.

I don't see any grammatical errors, but the sentence definitely sounds wrong. Replace "with" with "Due to the"


No because for it to be grammatically correct, it should say "With this cold weather, I have become very lazy."

Yes, it's correct grammatically (and functionally). There are plenty of other ways to say the same thought, but they are based on personal opinion.What you have is good.

I wouldn't say it's incorrect in and of itself but it definitely could use a bit more punch, e.g., "Cold weather tends to sap me of energy" or "With the coming of winter, I find myself becoming lazier for some reason I can't explain" or "This year's cold snap is leaving me exhausted."

I'd also be more concerned about whether your statement is factual; it seems to be more the tendency for folks to become more lethargic with hot weather, not cold. In that respect you might try a different phrase to explain more, such as, "I often associate cold weather with stress and weariness, as the hustle and bustle of the holidays and family togetherness can really drain a person."

Bring some life, edge and maybe ironic energy to an otherwise lifeless idea. I don't know what precisely you're writing, an essay/story? but the right note of spice/drama can make a sentence more interesting and the necessary attention to detail can make readers less confused.

Possibly, but it does not feel like a sentence written by a native speaker of English.

The cold weather has made me lazy and stupid.