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Hair color suggestions for green eyes?

I am going to be dying my hair soon and am trying to figure out what color is best for me. I have a darker shade of green eyes (where they look brown in dark lighting) and was thinking of dying my hair a darker shade of brown. Will this darker shade bring out the green in my eyes more or hide it?

(I attached a google image to try and give an example of the eye color I'm describing)

I would say dark brown like cooler dark brown instead of a warmer shade. It sounds like you have hazel eyes.

Red and green are complimentary colors.
Search red heads with green eyes: beautiful

  Eye tint is green, eye brow is brown tone, skin is warm pale accent, eye lashes perfect, hair appears brown already, conclusion, don’t change anything.
  you could simply apply green eye liner or warm tan tones to highlite green values, your skin tones also can be used to accent eyes with more cool foundation tint. And contouring,

Your hair again, is probably ok as is, you want warm tones, but if it already is, and you want different, then look at highliting or a graduated ombré , same, just accented with tinting values.

Brown or black


Black will make your eyes pop out more



All colors! Though it depends on what kind of look you want. If you want high contrast, black, dark brown, and light blonde. If you want low contrast, red, light brown, dark blonde.

I think black would be a really striking color. People with black hair usually have brown eyes, so having green eyes will REALLY make you stand out! On the other hand, red hair and green eyes is a pretty typical combination, so the "wow" factor won't be as major.