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Should Charles Manson be released from jail?

Yes, Manson is a great American.

Yes, Tracy. If not, he would really stink up the place now.

He should've been hung then stabbed to death while he was struggling to breath

Yes. Now that he's passed away.

Yes, in a coffin.


I think it might get a little stinky if he stays there now.

Yes, I'm no expert, but I'd say that he won't be causing any problems now that he's dead.

This scum should not have even been given 'life'. People like this, found completely guilty, beyond a shadow of a doubt, should be hanged immediately instead of we the people paying their room and board. (in the millions / which could instead be spent on positive things like homelessness, medical research, children's hospitals, etal !! Good riddance manson !!!


He just died so he is released. Poor guy, the maximum anyone deserves rotting behind bars is 20 years. No matter what they did.