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Is it bad that I cut my own hair?

I do a good job and I always recieve compliments. But when people find out I do it myself they start pointing out all the flaws.


Its not bad and i doubt there are any flaws. Most ppl like to point fingers and judge even the smallest things. They'll judge anything and then they will get pissy when other ppl do it to them. I trim my own hair when it needs it and my hair is fine. Ignore the haters.

As long as your using sharp hair sheers and not paper scissors, you're fine

I've done it before; no biggie. If people compliment you, just say 'thanks.' That is ALL that is required. No details needed. If you don't mind any 'flaws' then they should not, either.

You will find, as you get older, after a few too many lousy "professional" cuts that doing it yourself with only an occasional boost from a shop is ABSOLUTELY the best way. I've had my long, beautiful hair messed up by "professionals" soooo many times I can't count them.

Men with short hair DO get a better look from a professional but definitely NOT women. I wonder why...have ALWAYS wondered why.


If you are happy with the result then that is fine.

There’s nothing wrong with cutting your own hair whatsoever. Most people do a better job at cutting their own hair then half of these ‘professionals’ do!

If you like to cut your own hair, then go for it! Personally, I don't cut my own hair because I don't know what I'm doing.

There's nothing wrong with it. I cut my own hair too.

Forget about what other people say about the flaws. If they like it until they find out that you cut it yourself, then they are total hypocrites and are not worth listening to.

My wife has been cutting her own hair for about 35 years. No one comments on it except, perhaps, to compliment her on her skill at doing it herself.

You should be proud that you can do that.

EDIT: So much the better as a guy.
I fear that the only haircut I could give myself would be a buzz cut, so you have some good skills.