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Is the world on the brink of a global nuclear conflict?

Not in the next 2 years, I think. After that, maybe.

it maybe, but lets be honest who cares? i dont

No, probably not...but even if it was, most of us wouldn't know what hit us anyway, so no reason to be worrying about it.

Dont be ridiculous. You cannot have a nuclear conflict. There would be too much of the planet missing.

Hi yes as much as it was 10 years ago.

No, same old, same old.

Maybe, we'll see.

I very much doubt it. North Korea has only small number apparently around 8 so far last I heard. I am sure the North Korean military knows if they fire even one at another country then they will cop several back on their major cities virtually wiping all modern North Korea off the map. North Korea is not a major nuclear power and I am sure their nuclear arsenal is more a deterrent where there is a promise if you attack North Korea we will launch these missiles and millions of innocent people will die, including at least one city in the USA. North Korea would realize once it fires these nuclear missiles they claim to have then they are likely to be invaded by the US and its allies and likely it would be the end of the despotic regime there.
The big question is whether Russia and China would get involved. A lot has changed for these countries since the last Korean war in the 1950s where these 2 very strongly Communist countries supported North Korea with weapons and training. These days Russia is no longer a communist country and China may still claim to be Communist but in reality they are a one ruling party capitalist country which relies heavily on it's US and European Markets for its goods. It is the western world that makes China strong and if it got involved with siding with North Korea in a war against western powers its markets for their manufactured goods would be closed to them and their economy would collapse. China is walking a fine line between honouring its decades old agreements to support North Korea in times of invasion and its economic need for world trade. I am sure Russia and China would at least secretly sell arms and military hardware to North Korea on the quiet but doubt they would actually openly get involved in a conflict started by such a stupid despot as Kim Jung Un and ruin their economy over it.
If I was living in the US on the western seaboard such as in cities like San Francisco or Seattle I may be a little nervous as North Korea clams it has the ability to hit the western side of the US with nuclear missiles. I am sure the US has special missiles designed to shoot down intercontinental missiles along the western seaboard in case Kim Jong Un is stupid enough to believe the US would cringe in fear if one of their cities was hit by a nuclear missile and sue for peace. I am sure North Korean military leaders would realize the danger of firing these missiles into another country as far as having to face the US and its allies in total war to the finish, and likely understand there old allies Russia and China may not back their war and leave them to fight it on their own. It does make you wonder if the threat of war became too real whether the military would seize power and take Kim Jong Un out the back and shoot him.

rocket man is not that stupid

Only in your dreams.