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Why don't conservative do something about Roy Moore and Trump instead of being hypocrites about Al Franken?

Common sense is want cons to do something about a 30 year old "accusation" but it's ok for dems to ignore an actual photograph "proving" Frankin's act? Libs in auto-pilot mute as expected...and you're calling who hypocrites?

Want to get into the sexual predator Bill & Hillary protection of him hypocrisy?
I thought not.

There is no bigger no bigger hypocrite than Hillary Clinton.

Anti-Trump Pirat-Strasserism

Just look at the facts.

We are doing something about them. We are supporting them.
Ted Kennedy drove his pregnant young secretary Mary Joe Kopecknik into the Chappaquiddick Lake and drowned her, then Kennedy went a bar and did not even report her killing for 10 hours. And he was elected 7 times to the U.S. Senate.
Make America great again!

What more do you expect Republicans to do about Roy Moore?

Trump already backed his opponent in the primary.
Republican leadership has already called for him to drop out of the race.
The RNC has stopped funding him.
The Senate GOP has already said they won't seat him in the Senate if he wins the election.

All of these things have been well publicized in the mainstream news media.

Short of threatening physical violence, the GOP has done everything it can.

What more do you want them to do?

Why should they?

How does it benefit them to own their own party's misdeeds, when the libs have never been willing to do the same?

Democrats are finally having to deal with a republican party that's tired of upholding gentlemen's agreements that the Democrats took a dump on decades ago. Libs wanted to play dirty, and they're getting what they asked for.


Roy Moore becomes a Republican candidate for the Senate and, only then, this woman suddenly remembers being assaulted 40 years ago. Yeah.
Franken has admitted the assault and CONSERVATIVES are the hypocrites?

Well, in Franken's case there is a photograph of the crime, and an apology from him.
In Moore's and Trump's cases, there is no solid evidence at all. And in those two cases, there were no accusations until weeks before the election - so there would not be time to disprove them.

Because they want child molesters and serial rapists representing them in government, as long as there is an R after their name. They claim to be moral but are the most immoral people on the planet.