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What’s your opinion on really long hair ?

When I say long I mean touching half of ur butt or longer

More than three inches beyond the bra strap is too long for anybody. Men's hair should never even reach shoulder length. Now those are what I call the maximum "allowable" lengths. Some people are better suited to slightly shorter hairstyles than others. Find a good stylist and don't be afraid of change. As Sheryl Crow sings, "A Change Will Do Ya Good". Women need to be careful about not going too short unless they know that specific short style will suit their face shape. A talented, experienced stylist is most helpful in selecting a suitable short summer cut. Longer mens styles require a superb stylist that can shape it best to the clients head and face. Anything longer than 1963-1964 BEATLES era mop-top hairstyles are just too long for 99% of men. Over-the-ear, tapered military length cuts with finger length side parted hair, and high and tight flattops with whitewall sides, and Kojak chrome dome bald cuts look a hundred times better than a sloppy ragged shaggy unkept ratsnest like some characters on Tv shows like NCIS Los Angeles and Criminal Minds. For men, if the hair doesn't look presentable, mow it down until it does. Rats nest, bed head, rasta-man, homeless beggar, wino look with dirty looking nasty hair is awful looking.
There is only one solution for guys with that kind of nasty ragged hair....bbrrurr (sound of clippers with the on switch activated), and buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, until an acceptable neat style is achieved.

not that hard

Some can wear it and some can't. I dislike the long, straight, straggly hair that some individuals have taken many years, if not decades, to grow. It detracts, IMO, from their beauty (everybody has some of that 😉😊).

Most men look MUCH nicer and MUCH more masculine with a good long head of hair, IMO. Some look better with none at all.

I, personally, think hair is next to eyes and teeth as the most attractive adornments one can have (again, my opinion) but if it's ratty, nasty, fake, forced into shape, unnatural, blah blah blah, it's a turn off BIG TIME.

I feel sorry for partners who are attracted to someone and then "unwrap the package" to find there was fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake this and that. Ick.... IMO.

I don't really like it unless it's black and pin-straight. Otherwise I think it looks ratty and out of place. Especially if the ends are too thin.

Not bad

I love long hair

great on either sex

That long? Perhaps just a little too long.

I like long hair, but I also like short hair too.

I can't have long hair because it's very fine, it's more prone to breakage and looks awful. So I keep my hair to my shoulders and get it trimmed often.

Well mine is up to my tailbone, but I think it looks better that way, well at least for me. It's common for women to have very long hair in India. My mom's hair is up to her knees lol not joking. She just wears it in a bun. It just takes so long to style. Nowadays I just keep it straight which is it's natural state.