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If guns were banned, would that stop killers from killing?

No, and if guns were banned the criminals would still have them. Are people foolish enough to believe that the thugs are going to hand over their weapons because they are banned?
I understand the need to make them less accessible. But when You research the criminals they have flown under the radar and never stopped by any gun law.

No, because there would still be stones, swords, knives, ropes, poison, fists, axes, bombs, and autos. Duh, Bart.

As a Homicide Commander supervising 25 detectives and plain Clothes
units. I am saddened to say. Gun or no gun. If the intent is there. No
matter what the vehicle to use. It is going to happen. Knife, Blunt object.
whatever. Once that line has been crossed in the mind of the killer.
There is no drawing it back.

No, because, not only are there other weapons to use, but guns would still be obtainable illegally.

A noose.


Yes. Most definitely.

That is really a question of innocence. Ban Guns and we go to third world status. Do you want it to be like parts of Africa where where entire villages are murdered for only the lust of blood. If local populations are armed there would be less mass murders. Banning guns wont do any good. The guns would then cross the border faster than drugs. Then neighborhood after neighborhood, town after town, would fall prey to extortion, protection rackets, major vice. Like Russia. Punish murders properly and fast. For you who believe in gun bans, I say put down the crack pipe and step away from the table. Look at the world for facts, not your dreams.

Lots of people were being killed before guns were invented.

No in America the cops would still be on the street. They would kill more unarmed citizens for sport. But more dogs would live. When they felt the urge to murder. They could then shoot children as the cops have said. They look just like dogs to them in America.

NO, they would start using knives, baseball bats, and other objects to kill with.... If CARS are banned will that stop people from getting killed by DRUNKS.... If smoking is totally banned with that stop all people from getting cancer and dieing, I know... lets ban nuts to because people die everyday from peanut allergies.... or other food allergies... .