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Country Stars & Popular; why?

Hello friends, hope all is well!

I have a question about 3 country music stars. Why are the following names so popular and loved by other artists and fans (even though they have a country music look & sound):

1. Eric Church.
2. Chris Stapleton.
3. Jamey Johnson.
4. Brothers Osborne.

Thanks guys!

If country can truly be saved and popularized amongst the pop and rap types, it will be one of the first three artists listed. Brothers Osborne sound like a novelty act.

Jamey Johnson sounds like roots Country. Chris Stapelton has a bit of a mix with modern and roots to me, but is mostly with the roots idea. For the record roots is REAL Country, but since Nashville wants to call things like pop and hip-hop and such Country now I'm using the older term of ROOTS to be clear. Personally I'm a big fan of Eric Church and he does his music. He does music that seems to go with the song and has a good flow, it doesn't sound packaged like you'd usually hear with pop, if that makes sense to you. One of the things I liked with him was when he got big with his third album his release from the next album was Outsiders. As a fan it sounded like his music to me, but it was a big difference to those who just suddenly heard of him, and he was trying to make the point of who he was. I'd honestly say one of the reasons he is popular is because he is his own person and act. He came out as the decline was starting to set in to people and wasn't the typical Nashville thing.