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Is Mugabe still the leader of Zimbabwe?


He's still President and head of the armed forces.

in name only

Yes. But he has decided to delegate everything to the army commanders. Since he was put under house arrest.

No he is Under House arrest he will go on Trial soon and i Hope they execute it and Recover the Trillions of Dollars he and his cronies have stolen from the People

If they have any sense, they'll be checking the foreign currency reserves as well, unless his wife has been on another shopping trip to EuropeYou and spent it all.

You see through their professed 'concern' for their fellow black citizens.Mugabe screwed them ever since 1980, when he came to power.

No. He’s deposed.

No he's been overthrown and is now under house arrest.

Yes - as of this morning, he's refusing to go.

who cares ?

No, he is under house arrest while the army decide on who to put in temporary power until elections can be held.