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Why would people get angry at someone for not standing during the national anthem?

I understand some say that this is being disrespectful. I would think that being disruptive during the anthem would be disrespectful. If a person simply sits down and does not bother anyone else how is this wrong? In school, once I learned I did not have to do the pledge of allegiance I would simply sit quietly while everyone else did it. Before I would change the letters to the USSR, UK, UAE, or UAR. I figure my making a pledge at that time was not proper as I did not understand what it meant.

Other way round!
Some inconsiderate bastard stands up and blocks my view!

Because they are Black athletes and not welcome by the majority of sports viewers who are white and bigoted.

How about standing on the head - is that permitted for Yoga fans - I wonder.

Being ex-military I don't like the words and think allegiance should be: country first and if there is still a monarch, second. Let every country have its own anthem with lyrics which suit.

It is a sign of respect for the flag and the country. It is a common practice. It is considered insulting not to follow this tradition. If those football players have a problem, they should be activists and do something to change society.

It's a betrayal of the country that let them make outrageous money for playing kids' games!

In the US its because they are black
I am white and a military retiree and never stand for the anthem at sporting events and no one has ever said a damn word to me

Rednecks. I personally don't care what they do.

This can be a very touchy subject. If in Thailand not standing for the image of the King can get you a year in prison. Some Countries play there anthem you best stand. It is a insult to there Country.. It should & is took that way more or less world wide. You could end up dead in some places for refusing to do so. So world ediquite comes into play here. I feel a person in a different Country should not stand for there king or pledge or anthem. This can get you beat & arrested in many places. As your loyalty is not to them but your Country. Is the way it should be. But in America it is allowed. In some Countries a citizen did such they could be charged with treason. So in my Country of birth. I will stand for my flag & Country. If overseas you do not know how much it galls me to be forced to stand for there flag or king at events. I to there am tempted to go to prison for such. So if a American stand. If not a American set stay seated. That is your right there. Respect your own Country. I would strongly support your right there. That is the way it should be!

You are obviously not an American.
Otherwise you would knew:
White people had war with other white people make ****** free. It was more than 150 years ago.
It was White president who mad illegal any segregation. It was about 60 years ago.
National Anthem represent the nation. Neither our government or majority of people are Racists.
This is fake protest to gain political capital using deceit.