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MILLIONS IN EUROPE are hungry and insufficient food. CAN POLITICIANS FIX THIS?


EUROPE MAY NOT BE THIRD WORLD AND poor countries. but many cities have beggars on the streets. many school kids get insufficient food. and crisis countries, food insecurity is an issue. the euro has made food prices very high especially with the increased vat rates. food production has not kept pace due to weak economies. HUNGER AND FOOD INSECURITY PLAGUES EASTERN EUROPE, UKRAINE, RUSSIA. wonder if politicians can fix it. or do nothing until mass protest occur.

No because people listen better when they're starving and dying.

there is a food shortage in the EU and Prices have gone up by about 4.2 % over the past year

our welfare systems are being Destroyed by the Bloody muslims and other Illegals

Bring in cheap labor from the middle east

I think you fail to grasp the way the EU agricultural system works. Europe massively overproduces most foodstuffs, the system of farm subsidies is indefensible but cannot be altered, because countries like France honestly think that was the point of the EU in the first place.
This food surplus is then dumped on African countries, destroying their agricultural economies by flooding the market with produce at prices the locals cannot compete with. This causes hunger, but not in Europe.

I suspect you haven't got a clue.

Not at all. The government that you're familiar with has absolutely no power. They are just puppet's to keep humanity preoccupied and have someone to blame for when things go wrong. There is a shadow government at work here, profiting exclusively off of working class, hungry people. They make living a self-sustainable life illegal and poison all natural food and water sources so humans have no choice but to play into their game. They are using us all, and there is nothing to be done about it because they've been doing it for so long, they're about 12 steps ahead of the game.

The best that we can do to counter their plans is to stand up as humans, declare ourselves free of their hold over us, and start helping one another. We've been so brainwashed into thinking currency is the only thing that will make the world livable when that is just not true. Find something you are good at, do it, and trade those goods or services for other goods and services and so on.

If you don't feel like starting a revolution, I suggest building and stocking what we call "Blessing Boxes" which are like free libraries on the side of the street that strangers can fill with food and drinks (obviously not refrigerated items or anything like that) and those in need can come and gather the supplies to help their families. These have been a surprising success here in the US, though we still have children going hungry and people living way below the poverty line, a small help is still help.

Please quote your source because hunger is less common in Europe than in the USA. Hungry Europeans was a thing right after WW2.

Are you so gullible that you believe every line you are spoon-fed?

i saw an intersting article today, which stated that north korea peoples suffered with a parasitic infection of tape worms and other paracitic worms. this is very common, and just 50-years ago, 80% of the people in south korea were infected with parasitic worms. however, after intervening with medicine, the epidemic was stopped.

the more advanced countries have advanced health services, which deal with opportunistic zoological organisms, but most of the world's countries suffer from worms. this means that the people will be hungry, all of the time.

history has been full of stories about leaders, both good leaders and bad leaders, some out-right evil leaders or foolish leaders; it is the purpose of the ministers of the right and the left to guide the leader(s) of the country to a proper course for providing for all of the people.

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What are you doing reading newspapers from the 1950s?