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Why are conservatives against liberalism?

What exactly is so "bad" about liberalism when liberalism has done good for the country?

" when fascism comes to America it will come in the form of liberalism"
- Ronald Reagan

Because most new liberal policies end up costing money which means higher taxes

The two reasons I am, Terrorism and Muslims trying to take over

Because its stupid

because the donkey and elephant are natural-born enemies in the wild

Liberalism is a Mental illness, who wants that? only libs. todays problems are due to liberalism in schools, colleges are a waste, people have no respect because the kids haven`t been by their liberal Parents or schools. anyone with kids today must be very worried ,why would anyone have kids if they truly care about them? most black kids have no guidance and it`s obvious why, NO PARENTS WHO CARE.

Why are modern liberals and socials so anti freedom and morals & values? You look at places like California where American values are almost non existent. Is this the model of "moving forward" in the country? By falling down a cliff with courage?

You want $8 fries with your $12 Big Mac?

Conservatives are uneducated Christian morons.

I guess it depends on what you mean by “liberalism.” We have many people who are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I’m not against all forms of what many Americans would identify as “liberalism.” I certainly agree with marriage equality for everyone. I support legalizing pot. However, I also support lower taxes and balanced budgets.

What I am against is all the fighting going on. People on the fringes of both parties have taken over the political debate and the moderates have been cast aside.