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Is climate change real or fake?

I think its fake because trump pulled america out of the paris climate deal.

he wouldn't pull us out if he knew it was a real threat.

Yes it is real you ******* idiot.

Climate Change is real. Reality understand if you face problem.

real. Look at the world around us.

Yes, it's real. The science is there to show the changes taking place.

If you look closely at history you will see dramatic climate related events having occurred for thousands of years, ice ages extensive periods of drought forming large deserts, hurricanes etc. I think the earth is going through cycles. No one has lived long enough to observe those cycles to deny that. Science only relates to the observable and reproducible, so we are seeing scientists theorize about climate change. I am not convinced.

Science shows it's real. Every other country in the world is in the deal except the United States.

Its real but you also need to realize the earth has always been changing, and it still is, but you don't need to be paying people money because the climate is changing, like always, i think that they are researching it, but seriously, they are millionaires and up they don't need our money, i mean who even knows if they are even spending it on research?

Real and soon we will be paying the consequences


It’s real

>>I think its fake because trump pulled america out of the paris climate deal.<<

With logic like that you might just be able to get a job as a Walmart greeter if you study up for it. Climate change is real and Trump is a liar.