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Do feminists hate men?

No, they secretly love men because they know they wouldn't be able to do the crap they do in the first place if it wasn't for all us who always act like white knights all the time because we're delusional enough to think it's actually going to lead to something.

Ok... time now for all the guys to give me as many thumbs down as they possibly can even though they know full well that's true but can't bring themselves to admit we're to blame for the cancer called modern day feminism existing in the first place. Come on fellas you know you want to.

The extremists do, the actual feminists don't. I hate the extremists honestly, they make it hard to take feminism seriously.


Feminists hate men who are sexist in any way. Women too.
That is if they're feminists for the right reason. That's me personally. But I wouldn't use the word hate, and I can't speak for everyone because everyone will have a different answer. Everyone should be a real feminist.. Not a stereotypical feminist.

learn what a feminist is first.

some do

yes they do

I don't think they hate men. They just want to lead them around
on a leash and chains, that's all. No hate.

The more radical ones do.

No. You can't be a feminist if you hate men just for being men, or hate women just for being women.