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What would you do if you won the lottery?

I'd buy at least one happy meal.

Take a nap

Get my license first.. then buy myself​ an all black mustang.

After that, I have no clue.

Many things, more travels, help my family, and some charities!!

buy a 100 lottery tickets.

Save the money.

Build a nice one level brick home with all specifications for my families needs.
Put lots in stocks and bonds.
Help my church home........further GOD'S Missionaries.
Help my family with whatever they need.
Help friends that need something special.
Help so many places that needs proper medicine, food, medical help, cloth organizations that have helped my family............and than some.

What a lushful question i would buy a residential 300k plus home here in austin tx for investment and then proceed to crawl myself into a 2.5 million dollar cliff view 3 acre modern contemp "rustic" getaway 8,000sq to my amazement and purchase a caldera spa in coffee brown at any given moment to greet the upstairs bedroom (yes i would put a spa in the bedroom don't ask if i have not before)..its a long story.I would then purchase a sea ray 650 boat possibly 400k$ and a yeti cooler to stick my favorite club sandwiches you know the good ole philly cheese steaks...ok moving on.Now i would then proceed to build a real estate corp and begin doing what i love to do investing in real estate and developing probably purchase a malibu coast home and the rest is history!

But all the chocolate in the world!

I would quit both my full time job and my part time job, they I would move so that I live right acros the street from Church and go to mass every day for the rest of my life

First I'd bank the lot and tell no-one for quite some time. Then I'd think long and hard about who I should tell and start thinking about how I'd like to share it. I have several children and grandchildren, all of whom would get 'some' but not enough to spoil their lives. I support quite a few charities so could help them more but I'd leave quite a lot in the highest interest account I could find and leave it there until I had sorted out my thoughts about this very seriously.

What I would not do is to spend, spend, spend. One reason for that would be because everyone would then guess I'd come into some money and the beggars, scroungers and 'false' friends would all crawl out of the woodwork.

In time I might do things to the house I've never been able to do e.g. a bigger, modern kitchen, new carpets and some draughty windows replaced. I'd have everything checked out such as the roof to see if anything else needed doing and then I'd settle back into an easier old age knowing that I had no money worries.