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Are airline tickets expensive during christmas holidays?

Because from what i hear from my uncle in detroit said to me one time that if i go to reno in the summer i will not go during christmas because

He said it will be too early to go again because he said christmas time airfares are expensive.

And my mom was looking at tickets to india because she wants to see family but the tickets are expensive to go to india

Like is it hard to find tickets to india because i havent been there since 2007 christmas because i have family in india who i havent seen for a long time

Book in advance and catch specials

Of course.

Holiday time is fast approaching and there are numerous reasons why airline tickets are expensive during this time. In fact, surveys have shown that travellers pay about 75% more to fly around the holidays than they would pay on the same route at any other time of the year. However, there are still a few ways you can save on airfare this season.

Book your tickets early, not only to save on airfare, but also to get a seat, because holiday time sees a lot of rush.

If you have not booked your tickets in advance, it is best to book through ixigo, as here you enjoy features like Flight Fare Prediction tells its users whether they should book a flight or wait for the fare to drop further. It also derives the best future date to book cheapest flight to a set destination. You can also set its Flight Fare Alert, which alerts the users whenever the airfares fall within their budget. These features will, definitely, help you book a cheaper flight.

So, while it is expensive to book flight tickets during the holidays, follow the above-mentioned methods to save on your booking.

if you want to best price check

It may be.

yes airline tickets expensive during christmas holidays

Yes people on the holidays need to get to there families it crowds everything up

Yup last time i got a airplane ticket on holaday it costed me 4,000

Yes... because a lot of people want to travel at the same time.

Anytime traveling is more common tickets will be expensive. That means thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Summer time, especially while school is out for summer break. Spring break can also be slightly more. It's smarter to schedule trips outside of common times when people travel to visit family or are off of school or work.