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Will a team from the ACC make the college playoffs this year?

We're toward the end of October, which means we have a much better idea as to who's good and who's not. At the start of the season, all eyes were on FSU, but at this point, they won't even make a bowl game, let alone the playoffs. Let's look at some of the other teams.

Clemson - Still possible, but they have a really bad loss to Syracuse. They'll need some help from other teams. Will they get that help?

Miami - They're undefeated so far. Normally their tough test is FSU, but we've already talked about FSU. Can they go the distance?

Virginia Tech - Also a one-loss team. If they lose to Miami next week, they're out for sure. But what if they win?

NC State/Virginia - Technically still in the cards, but let's be honest LMAO.

Who do you think will win the ACC? And will that winner be selected for the playoffs?

I suspect much of it depends on if Georgia loses BEFORE the SEC championship (i.e. to Auburn), or if TCU/Wisconsin lose along the way.

Probably not this year. It depends on what other teams do the rest of the way

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college doesn't have playoffs they have bowls
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Miami got past the brutal start to their "schedule." Who would've expected them to survive having Bethune-Cookman, Arkansas State, and Toledo to start the season? They could get in but don't deserve it

But, seriously, Clemson could still sneak in but they need someone from their conference to beat NC State. VT hasn't played anyone so that's not likely.

I think that Miami has to beat Notre Dame AND Clemson has to beat South Carolina in order for the ACC to have a chance at the College Football Playoff this season. If Miami and/or Clemson lose these out of conference games, it will really hurt the perception of the ACC.