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In budapest tomorrow. Should I try a sauna?

I've been slowly dabbling in my male to male sexuality, but never been to a sauna or sex club before. I'm travelling at the moment and will be in Budapest tomorrow where I was told I should check out a sauna. Should I? Do I have to have sex? Is it fun?


Hungary isn't the place for that kind of gay interaction.


Just because there are naked or nearly naked men all over, it does not mean there is sex going on. Unless if you know for sure it is a place where sex goes on, do not expect and do not try it. Check the laws of that country to see if gay sex is illegal and find out about public sex. If it is illegal and you get caught you could end up in jail and it might be difficult to get your self out of that situation. If you want to experience a sauna, maybe a massage with no expectation of sex then yes go for it. Sauna's can be very relaxing.