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I'm a straight guy, but I'm deeply falling in love with a man, I'm so confused ?

I’m a 20 years old straight guy, I’ve never dated a man or was physically attracted to them, yet I do find myself emotionally really attracted to certain male characters (They’re not real), I’m very comfortable with my sexuality to the point I truly wish I was sexually attracted to men, and I even tease my male friends, but never take things seriously.
I’m an extremely stoic person, people see me as a very strong guy, I’m that person who always helps but never asks for help, and I've always been taking care of everyone.. but deep, deep inside there’s this dark part of me that no one knows, which is a little child that longs to BE a child, the part of me that wants to cry and be held and give myself up, but yet I always fight it till this day I met this man.. The intimacy between us is undescribable, since the first time I looked into his eyes its like he looked right into my soul, and its not physical attraction at all, never in my life, not even in sex, I’ve felt this way just by the way he looks into my eyes.. It terrifies me.. My body melts and burns, I start to shiver, and I feel I’m on the edge of surrendering.. And he’s a 40+ straight AND married man, he's a very, very decent gentleman (AND a stoic person as well, probably much more than me) BUT he feels the same way about me!? I’m so confused and terrified.. What is this ? and what in the world should I do ? I'm deeply falling for him..

Married download/white knights/"beta males" are just dumb, they have to devote their time to their children and that's not so attractive at all, especially when they white knight females.
Get me?ok
Thanks yahoo!!

40+? AND married?

Up until I read that I was gonna say join the club, but that's just disgusting.

I say walk away, he married and it's only going to cause problems. His wife and family will always come first, always. If it was just sex I would say go for it, have fun, try it out and see how it goes but it's not about the sex, it's an emotional connection and you will never be able to have that connection with a married man. Stay away from him. If you really want to try this with a man than find a man who can be committed to you, don't be afraid to go to a gay bar or function an try it with a gay man.

Look for an older mature man, maybe he will even be happy to be a mentor or father figure, giving you emotional support and love without the sex if that's what you crave.

You could be a heterosexual biromantic (meaning you only have sexual feelings for the opposite sex but romantic feelings for both), or you could have daddy issues. Either way, good luck.