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Are transgenders mentally ill?

Being transgender isn't a mental illnesses but gender dysphoria (the feeling of being the wrong gender) could be considered a mental illness and it's "cure" is simply letting transgender people present as their true gender and get the necessary surgery and hormones to make them feel comfortable as that gender.

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I would say so being that it is purely psychological. If an adult were to believe he is a child, or if a person were to believe he is truly a wolf, we would all agree that this dysmorphia is a mental illness. But because we are talking about human sexuality it is taboo to call the pink elephant pink.

Anyone can be mentally ill, cis or trans alike. Anyone cis or trans can also have body dismorphia. Trans people are part of normal biological diversity. Anyone who doesn't know that is not familiar with evolution, biology, or common sense. I have no respect for people who confuse normal biological variation with mental problems and all because of their own narrow minded ignorance.

I am not mentally ill, but I do know many transgenders that are.


I’d say they are, because they are thinking they are something they aren’t.

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Mo we are not. What we are is self aware enough to understand that our minds do not fully match our bodies. In many cases that isn't even a completely true statement. Many of us don't have particular problems w/ our bodies proper, but w/ the fact that society has set expectations for us based solely on genitellia. Things such as how we should dress, walk, talk, who we make love to, who should raise the kids, what jobs we should have, what tv shows, movies, books, music we should like, & the list goes on.

So, yes, we are more prone to depression & such, but most of that comes from finding ourselves trying to find our place among these expectations & having to fight people to be allowed to live our life like we wish. Plus we have to read/answer asinine questions like yours.

I leave you with these two links:

Transsexualism appears in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD, currently in its tenth edition). The ICD-10 incorporates transsexualism, dual role transvestism, and gender identity disorder of childhood into its gender identity disorder category. The World Health Organisation lists transsexualism as a mental and behavioural disorder.

However, calling it a mental disorder only means that these people should seek professional counseling to help them accept themselves. The therapy does not prevent them from changing their gender. It only makes them feel better about accepting the gender they already want.