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I'm a boy and I like boys?

I don't like girls at all and think boys are cute, I especially like abs and hairy chests. Is it okay for me to have a boyfriend?

That's nice :) and Yes


You can’t really help what you’re attracted to it just happens

Of course it's okay, it's just that some people might look down on you for it as some people are homophobic. But remember that there are people that are out there supporting you; even if you don't know them.

There’s nothing wrong with a boy liking a boy, or a girl liking a girl. Some people think there’s something wrong with LGBT but times are changing and more people are growing to accept it. There is nothing wrong with you. I hope the transition and telling everyone goes well. Love is love.

Yes it is ok. Being gay is not a sin. Neither God or Jesus condemned sex between individuals of the same gender. Only the old self important men that wrote the bible.

I like guys too so it's ok

and theres nothing wrong with that! enjoy the life you have

no you can not (have a boyfriend) i want you all to myself

It's not only okay, it sounds like for you it's the right thing to do. So by all means date boys. I wish I had realized it was okay to like other boys earlier myself.