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Sound less feminine?

Hi so i’m bisexual but i’m always labeled as gay because of the way that I talk. How do I sound less “feminine” so people stop assuming?

Stop caring what other people think. If you're bisexual then you want some guys to think you're interested, what's the problem?


im gay

Why even bother? You are either straight or you go to hell. Turn to God before it's too late.

stop lying to yourself. there's no such thing as a "bisexual"

Speech therapy can help with this.

For example, I used to sound a lot more "gay" when I didn't smoke or eat meat. meat.

Solid body language (less flouncy and airy, if that makes sense) can make you seem more masculine too.

Take the time to deepen your voice however possible, and use direct language.

I hope this can be of some help. Had to learn some of these things myself over the years.


You the N word a lot and threaten people

You shouldn't have to change your voice to get a partner. Your partner should love you for you, no matter what your voice sounds like. You should only care about the people who love you for you, not the people who will point out every little flaw you may have. Let's face it. No one is perfect. If everyone was perfect, don't you think the world would be bland? Learn to love yourself. You'll find that all of those people who did care about what you sounded like were all just a bunch of insecure losers anyway.

Why waste your time giving a crap what others think??? You know you are bi, therefor that's all that matters. If someone doesnt agree thats their issue, not yours! Some guys sound masculine, others feminine its just the way it is. Those who are worth your time energy will accept you as you are, and respect you for having the courage to be your true self. Look at this way are you a lion or a sheep? Lions do their own thing and if others dont like it - tough ****. Sheep follow the crowd and spend their li9ves striving not to be different. I know who I have more respect for ;)

Just be yourself and talk how you naturally talk. In the past I've known two different guys whose mannerisms and way of speaking made them sound flaming gay, yet both were married to women and one had kids. You're just worried about resembling some sort of stereotype of gay men. Why worry about something so insignificant, with insignificant judgments from insignificant people? Also keep in mind that there are a lot of very gay men who speak with a deep, masculine voice and would never be assumed to be gay by anyone who didn't already know.