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Not being able to apply a discount to car insurance?

I am currently a college student with auto insurance through Progressive. I was trying to lower my rate by applying two discounts to my policy. The good student discount and the discount for attending driving school. However, they will not allow me to use the discounts because "they do not allow the named insured" to apply discounts. I am the only one on the policy and making the payments. So, I was curious to know if this is only a thing with Progressive or all car insurance places? I tried looking online for information about it but found nothing. It seems pretty stupid to not allow someone to use a discount just because they are the named insured.

Phone them and talk to a person instead of trying to do it on a website that could have glitches.

Are you the policy holder?

You need to ask Progressive why they won't give you a discount. How would anyone else know?

You can't apply any discount, on your own. It must be initiated by the company. after you inquire and provide proof, through your agent. Therefore, if you speak with an agent, instead of only working through a website, you might qualify for discounts. The website will not give discounts. To qualify for the good student discount, you need to provide a notarized transcript of your grades, and it only applies to high school, not college. Attending driving school also only applies to a minor, not an adult. Therefore, neither discount applies when you get your license as an adult, in most cases.

Remedial driving classes may get a discount (from high risk policy), if you have had an excessive number of tickets, and would otherwise lose your license for 6-12 months.

Speak with your agent about your situation, and explore any discounts that might be available, especially if you take out renter's insurance, or other liability policies with the same company.

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Try the general and save some time

If you were being carried on your parents insurance, and their rate was raised as a result, then the good student discount might apply if you had good enough grades. Since you carry your own insurance you do not qualify for the insurance. I doubt if they would allow you to stack the discounts in any case.

The company I worked for provided driver training about every 2 years. to which my insurance company said: "That's nice." With a clean record for both my wife and myself, we were already paying the lowest rate.

these discount probably apply to parents who include their child on their insurance who is attending college etc
your parents would not be entitled to the discounts if they were the ones as students

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