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My Son Smokes Marijuana?

My son is 16, we live in a state where marijuana is legal for people 21 years old, and my son smokes weed. It started a couple weeks ago, when I found a bag of marijuana under our couch. My son told me, and still stands by that it wasn't his weed. Today I looked in his room, and I what looked like an ounce of marijuana. I confronted my son about it, and he thinks what he did is entirely okay. He says that he works hard and it's a tough at school, and marijuana helps keep the edge off. For now I've taken it away, and my son told me that he should be given the money he paid for it, or he should have it back. He's not grounded, but I told him that I don't want to know in the future if he smokes weed. Should I ground him? Or should I let him smoke marijuana?

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