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My Son Smokes Marijuana?

My son is 16, we live in a state where marijuana is legal for people 21 years old, and my son smokes weed. It started a couple weeks ago, when I found a bag of marijuana under our couch. My son told me, and still stands by that it wasn't his weed. Today I looked in his room, and I what looked like an ounce of marijuana. I confronted my son about it, and he thinks what he did is entirely okay. He says that he works hard and it's a tough at school, and marijuana helps keep the edge off. For now I've taken it away, and my son told me that he should be given the money he paid for it, or he should have it back. He's not grounded, but I told him that I don't want to know in the future if he smokes weed. Should I ground him? Or should I let him smoke marijuana?

I think you should feed him something that'll make him tell the truth. most people have a reason for doing something. he could be in pain.
if it was me, I'd be upset to be in trouble when I felt like I had done the right thing, even if it looked bad.

let him smoke that good stuff

Its your house, if you don't allow it tell him that. and if he continues the next time call the cops and see how he likes that. And you need to grow up and treat him like your kid and not his best friend. let him know who is the boss. me id beat his *** the 2nd. time it happened. my kids new when there were told something that's the way it was.

Smoke it with him to understand where he's coming from.

He's too young for weed, his brain is still developing, and at that age he may end up with paranoia. Once he is finished growing say maybe approx. 21 years old he will finish the majority of his growing years and it won't have such harmful effects. Try and explain this to him. He may not agree with you but he may understand your reasoning.

Talk to him about the future implications if he becomes addicted to it.
Watch him closely if he promises to stop. You are his parent and sincerely, you re the only cure to him.

My son would be sent to juvinile detention
And yes Imean it
They got one strike, second time they would be gone

My parents smoke. I can remember them doing it and growing when I was a kid. My mom always told me that she would rather me do it at home then out with strangers if I was gonna do it at all. It's legal in your state and if you didn't set any rules then he shouldn't be grounded.

I've been smoking since I was 16 and I'm 32 I've never had a problem until recently my memory is not so good and I've started to forget many things especially when having conversations it can be very awkward and I have started to slow down in a big way but my memory is not improving and I'm a bit scared about that.

I had a good friend a few years back in high school who was doing fantastic in school. All A's, but when he started smoking weed, his grades slowly declined and eventually he actually became dumb. He had all F's and I couldn't even have an intelligent conversation with him anymore. I don't know what kind of sh** they put in weed these days, but I'm pretty sure its putting holes in people's heads.