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Have you ever been to england?

No and please don't ask questions like this... people on the internet are rude and say nasty stuff on purpose

No. And if I had the chance to go, I wouldn't mind visiting just once. Just to see what England is all about. But I definitely wouldn't put it on my top 5 travel places. I'd take a trip to Amsterdam over England any day.


Yes, I've been to England and Wales.


Yes. Wales is quite something. But since the queen yielded to the Gay and lesbian community I have little desire to return there. Her mother was much more like what a queen should be like! They have great bullet trains there though!

yes i have been there 5 times

Would like to go some day

Yes, been to London twice.

Yes, and I wasn't too thrilled with it. Been to London a few times. Very expensive, cops (bobbies?) are bastards, and the people are only superficially "civilized", underneath it they're just as f-d up as Americans. Weather is gloomy and the food sucks too. Mediterranean countries are better. I didn't go to the English countryside though, I think that would've been a better bet.