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Why do people go to book stores when they can just go to libraries?

Bc they like to waste money?

Who cares?

My library usually doesn't have the book I'm looking for.

ratchet *** books in the librariea

Book shops have books which libraries don't; and even if they are not in stock, they can order them in. Book shops also have much nicer atmospheres than libraries. In a library you have a silent atmosphere, and any kind of talking gets told 'shhhh' in a huffy, governessy way. Book shops though seem to be more social places where you can buy books, have a coffee, meet friends and so on. They are generally colourful, easy-going and friendly too.

More, and that's just the beginning, and more individuals will purchase tablet gadgets ... (1) go to a library, (2) cross-fingers trust they have the book in stock, ... Indeed, there are a lot of things a book shop does other than offering and ... will vanish as a conduct - similarly as going by book shops hasn't vanished as a conduct.

it is painful to return and you are charged steep fees if you do not

I go to book stores cause I like to own the books I really like, sometimes I'll read a book from the library first, but if I really like it, and think I'll want to read it more than once, I buy it. I like owning the books, and I like supporting my favorite authors

Because it's nice to own books

I prefer the Library but I do have a home library of my favorites.