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Is bullying worse for boys or girls?


I would say it was equal.


I don't think it matters, bullying is still bullying

hard to say, it is something that has gone far too far and far too long

guys are going to say they’re more oppressed and women will say they’re more oppressed. in my opinion i’d say both.

the worst bullies are those claiming to be anti-bully

I think bullying is worse for girls because I'm a girl and because of that i was beaten up everyday in primary school just for not being a boy I was pushed to the floor and kicked repeatedly, they would try to strangle me, they would push desks against my ribs to the point where I couldn't breathe. Everyday I'd go home with a black eye and cuts all over me and I told my parents what happened. My parents and the school teachers all said ''boys will be boys'' so that's why bullying is worse for girls. The boys get let off too easy. Whenever I tried to fight back I'd get in trouble because it's ''not lady like'' or ''unacceptable for a girl to hit someone''

I am not a feminist, but I think it is for girls. They not only have to put up with the verbal jabs and jealousy of their female peers, but the dominance and verbal abuse of male partners. Plus women also face the threat of being raped or the cold rage and silence of some men, and the dread of this is mental torment and a kind of bullying. Women, in my opinion, are emotionally open, and this is often exploited by men. Women cannot travel in quiet places without the thought of being attacked in the back of their minds. Their independence and free movement is even exploited. Thus bullying is worse for them.

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Boys have bullying MUCH worse for these reasons:

•There are many idiots who still believe a girl can get away with hitting a boy, but if the boy fights back then it's a crime against nature. Injustice, I tell you.
•Gay men are hated and frowned upon by homophobes way more than lesbian women
•Men always get longer prison sentences overall, people see men as nothing but criminal masterminds. And men prisons are said to be EXTREMELY harsh compared to women prisons.
•Males who crossdress are apparently in big trouble. But females crossdressing? Isn't that the same? Nope?
•Sexism of any kind against men (aka feminism) is completely ignored. It's only sexism against women that isn't tolerated. But why do people not deal with men being bullied? Well I'm here to put a stop to that... a thing called "masculinism" now exists. Supporting men's rights. You can thank me later.
•Most people think girls/women are considered more attractive in general overall than boys/men. Ever wonder why a lot of people who are still forever alone into their 30's happen to be men?
•If you went to an anger management class, I guarantee you all the people there would be male. Because guys just are cursed with anger problems. Trust me, having anger problems REALLY SUCKS!!
•The suicide rate for men is much higher than for women. I can unfortunately see why. Men are always tortured.
•Because boys have a weak spot as we know, people (particularly girls) hit them to cause immense pain just for their own sick amusement.

I think I've outdone myself. Overall conclusion? #BeingMaleSucks. Can anyone think of anymore reasons?