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Mom thinks my halloween costume idea is slutty?

my mom thinks wearing knee high socks is called being slutty is it??

They always do, screw her

Youre such a ****!


What about the rest of it?

she doesn't understand that it's a costume. Can you post a pic .......thigh high stockings are better

Depends on the context of the consume. what are you going to be exactly?

if a 50 year old ugly man leers at you
will it bother you? Expect it

it depends on your age and your mind set
she is your mom and you should listen to her until you are 18 and living on your own

how is your MOMS so well versed in how sluts look and dress .... if it is a part of your costume or if your are wearing the knee high sox to keep warm then those sox are just fine ... Will the **** police be out that night ????==.... you are only young once and you should enjoy life == AND == have fun on Halloween .....

Please give her full freedom to think. Please don't disturb her when she is doing it.

well, if that's ALL you're wearing.......then yeahhhhhh, gotta agree with Mom on this one.