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How can North Korea be transformed?

North Korea Through A Young Orphan’s Eyes


What could compel a young Christian orphan to dream of someday returning to North Korea, where persecution is all but certain? Only the love of Christ, which is stronger than fear, deeper than sorrow, and more precious than life itself. Watch this moving testimony by Gyeong Ju Son, and may your heart be stirred to prayer for the people of North Korea.

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what a load of c*** .

well the USA was once Christian now they have a money god so life changes Korea has a regime to keep the American CIA out and a bomb to save themselves from being murdered like Iraq its doing its best to survive in a dangerous world being nice doesn't win it loses you see

blue castle

Excuse me while I hurl


Not being racist, make them open their eyes and let them see what life around earth is and what does "Freedom" and "Democracy" mean.

There are no Christian North Koreans.

what kind of book is this? if writing it i suggest you dont not in-less you want to be like Sony pictures and get hacked by north Korea then they know were you live and kid nap you your family and friends and eather kill you put you in labor camps .

thaoues are hell on earth or they just blow you up with terror threats.

and if you talking about it in real life it wont ever happen one can dream

thairs no Christians in north korea its punishable by death if you writeing it as a book you chacter die page one the government controls everything